• Clear Pad & Trouble Spot Patch x5 | Blemish & Ache care

Clear Pad & Trouble Spot Patch x5 | Blemish & Ache care

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Looking forward to the result

I bought this to use once a month for pimples. Just started using it. Feels like it's going away already. Amazing!

Clear Pad & Trouble Spot Patch 5 boxes 

A skincare program for blemish or troubled skin.


Step 1: Removes oil and dead skin cells from areas of concern with wipe/pad.

Step 2: A patch with a fine projection essence chip on a hydrocolloid melts on the skin can takes care of it.

Key Ingredient

Houttuyia cordata extract, Acnellis, Tea Tree Extract, Witch Hazel

Helps with sebum and pore care, hydrates, leaving refreshing feel to your skin.