• Lavien Collagen Boosting Pad | Collagen Essence Pad | Skin Moisturizer
  • Lavien Collagen Boosting Pad

Lavien Collagen Boosting Pad | Collagen Essence Pad | Skin Moisturizer

  • $38.00

It's a pad full of collagen essence.
From the inner beauty of eating to applying cosmetics, a new trend in skincare is collagen.

74% of collagen extract
Intensive care for desired skin areas
concentrated charge collagen pad
Easy to use anytime, anywhere

What's different from the sheet mask is that collagen booster pads are made for locations in areas where intensive care is required.
It's a circular pad that you put on and take care of like a mask pack. However, the sheet mask, if it's for the entire face, the collagen booster pad is for the management specific area you want to care about.

1. Place one sheet on each side of the face that requires intensive care and remove after 15 parts.
2. Remove the pad and pat it once more gently on your face.

Hydrolidescollagen extracts (74%)), butylene glycerides, glyceridesItzropylenglimol, methyl propanediol, ferric chloride hydrochloride hydrochloride hydrochloride hydrochloride hydrochloride hydrochloride hydrochloride, ferric methyl acetophenone, ethylhexylglycerin, cybigoide hydrochloride, cybignoide, polygamist, cybinoide, polygamist, cyanide, cyanide, cyanide, cyanide, cyanide, cyanide, cyanide, cyanide, polyamide, polyamide, cyanide, polyamide, polyamide, polyamide, acylSeed, Potassium hyaluronate, Disodium Edta

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easy to use

I think it's good because it's not sticky and easy to use.

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Boosting Pad

After using this product, your skin becomes moist. and glowing until the next morning.

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my favorite collagen product

I heard the collagen products are a huge trend in the beauty market. I've tried several collagen products a fast few months and this Lavien Collagen pad in my first choice. I love the texture and plenty of essences.. also this pad shape is more useful than mask shape. it's very handy, I used this pad on my hand also. I will definitely buy regularly for my skincare routine. Highly recommend!

Lavien Collagen Boosting Pad | Collagen Essence Pad | Skin Moisturizer 

Give extra care for your skin with pads full of collagen essence!

Lavien Collagen Boosting Mask is a high-performance sheet mask that moisturizes, brightens and has wrinkle care properties. This soft cell sheet mask contains 72% enriched collagen (Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen from Italy) and contains a bottle of essence in 1 sheet. (There are 4 sheets in a box.)

It focuses on the area you want,

Concentrated charging pad, 

And easy to use anytime, anywhere!

1- Direct import from Italy! It contains 74% of the low molecular collagen extract.

2- It’s made with a big-size pad for a wide range of management at once!

3- Used pad made of thin, soft material!

4- Use it neatly as pouch packaging! Easy to carry around.

Focus on the management that you can do comfortably!

-Focus on moisturizing. It feels like your skin is full of moisture.

-Get rid of dead skin cells! Skin that absorbs makeup well.

-Calm care. It makes sensitive skin areas comfortable.

No harmful ingredients, we filled them with good ingredients!

-20 ingredients of concern are not added!

-All ingredients are green grade!

-Use natural pigments!


Protect your skin with weak acidity!

-Soft-touch like microfiber.

-Essence delivery UP!

-Not stuffy!

-Not flowing down!

-Moisturizing layering

-Calm your skin


Key points of the mask:

  1. Contains 72% Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen directly imported from Italy
  2. Carefully selected sheet mask material - softcell, sticks onto skin gently and clearly
  3. Moisturizes, brightens, cares for wrinkles with 1 sheet
  4. Contains a bottle (27ml) of enriched essence in 1 sheet mask 
  5. Cares for your skin’s pH levels 

*This product is safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding ladies usage. However, as it is a sensitive period, we would still recommend you to check with your doctor before purchasing.