• Medinic Line Amino Silk Skin Ampoule x3

Medinic Line Amino Silk Skin Ampoule x3

  • $474.00

LAVIEN Medinic Line Amino Silk Skin Ampoule
· High concentration ampoule with 55 kinds of ingredients
· Core components! doubling amino acids, peptides, and vitamin B12 content
· Brightening, wrinkle improvement
· Moisturizing, increasing skin flexibility and elasticity

Step 1: Lift the ampoule's white cap and peel off the aluminum cap
Step 2: Remove the rubber stopper
Step 3: Insert cone-shaped dropper into ampoule bottle
Step 4: Roll the entire face using a micro-roller ro 0.25mm roller
Step 5: Open the white cap of the dropper and pushthe dropper slightly
Step 6: Close the dropper and keep the remaining refrigerated

Soy Isoflavone, Carpertrifeptide, Carnitine, licorice Extract(Spain), Ophiopogon japonicus Extract, Walnut Extract, Birch Leaf