• Medinic Line Rejuve Skin Roller Refill

Medinic Line Rejuve Skin Roller Refill

MEDINIC LINE REJUVE SKIN ROLLER Ultimately helping absorption your luxury skincare product on your skin. Many cases show that most of the skincare products are not the absorption on your skin inner area. Lavien Rejuve Skin Roller helps that absorption and it amazingly shows how to improve your skin in shortly. Also, it is not a metal needle. The needle is melting when you using it. Made with three great ingredients for your skin which are hyaluronic acid, two types of peptide and Madecassoside.

1. Open the roller head from the case and insert it into the handle.
2. Roll evenly over the entire face with a constant force.
3. Apply an ample amount of ampoule evenly throughout the face.
4. Roll it all over your face again with a roller before the contents are fully absorbed.

See product documentation from the package

Lavien Rejuve Skin Roller.
Lavien Skin Roller should be used together with Lavien Carni-V Ampoule/Rejuve Ampoule.
Roll until Ampoule is entirely absorbed and no prickling sensation from the roller.
1 Box Skin Roller - 1 Handle & 5 Roller Heads.
1 Box Skin Roller Refill - 8 pieces Roller Heads (No Handle) .

1. Open the roller and insert it into the handle.
Be careful not to touch the roller with your hands.
(It is a product to roll against the skin and is sterilised.
2. Roll evenly over your entire face.
Roll it horizontally, vertically and diagonally until the ampoule is entirely absorbed.
3. Apply sufficient amount of Blue Ampoule or Pink Ampoule over your entire face.
It is better to apply another layer on top.
4. Roll over the entire face before the ampoule is entirely absorbed (when there's some left on the face).

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I use it once a week

I use it once a week. If you use it properly with the needle patch, it's good for quick resolution when you have trouble, and it's good for relieving scarring and pigmentation.

United States United States
my skin is getting better.

I've only done it twice, so I haven't had a dramatic effect, but I feel my skin texture is getting better. I'll keep using it and leave a review again.

United States United States
It's so good!

It's so good. Lavien is a reliable product.

United States United States
I think it's effective for pores!

I ordered it to use with the ampoule. It's hard to use because I'm not used to it yet, but it'll get better, right? I think it's effective for pores!

Only Refill - Roller not included