• Natural Firming Oil
  • Natural Firming Oil

Natural Firming Oil

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Nothing hazardous chemical components, synthetic components, preservatives, parabens, artificial flavors.
Skin moisturization, skin protection, rapid absorption.

This oil is high moisturizing multi-oil made of 100% natural oil.
Small particles absorb it all at once.

    Key components
  • Botanical scoalan: Small particle oil that does not block pores forms a protective film on the skin to keep the skin moist and help prevent oxidation. mild oil that can be used by a weak child.
  • Ceramide: Maintaining the normal function of the original protective wall of the skin, connecting the cells of the dead skin together and aligning them clean, creating a barrier to the skin.
  • Adenosine: Substances certified by the KFDA to prevent skin aging and improve wrinkles, strengthen the growth of cells in the dermis layer to protect the skin's elasticity, and promote collagen synthesis that prevents wrinkles from forming.
  • Sikaying Key Oil: Strengthens the growth of cells in the dermis layer to protect the skin's elasticity and promotes collagen synthesis that prevents wrinkles from forming.

Shake well before you use it. Dispense one to two drops in hands and apply on skin.

apricot seed oil, avocado oil, hohobaoil, sikaingki oil, pueraria oil, scoalan, ceramide, adenosine, vitamin E, lavender, sweet orangeEO, geraniumEO

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laura m.
United States United States
great oil which makes my face shine!

i was a big fan of essence cushion from lavien and i wanted to try their skin line so bought this oil! The instruction said it is recommended to mix it with the cream so i mixed few drops into the cream and spread on my face. My face is usually super dry especially in the winter time, and I could not find a product that made my face moisturized through out the day, but surprisingly this oil did the job!!! it made my face firm, moisturized and shine through out the day!! i would definitely buy this again!!

laura m verified customer review of Natural Firming Oil

Thank you Laura for great review with photo. We appreciated your valuable input.

Kate M.
United States United States
I'm in love... feel like in a spa

Smells awesome, feels beautiful on! This oil has a scent that I inhale and while I apply, I start relaxing for bedtime. It makes my skin so soft and in the morning, it's got such a nice tone.

United States United States
Absorbs so well and my skin got softer

This oil has made my skin look and. feel smoother, softer and healthier. The texture and overall appearance of my skin in the morning is unbelievable. Oil soaks very well so I don't see any residue staying on the skin. Plus, there's no trouble like acne so far. I worried that the oil might provoke some of acne but so far so good.

United States United States
Smoother skin

It is not too much excessive, and yet, my skin is definitely smoother! Good for the whole body, not just for face. Absorbs so well, night finish, I use. it every night.

United States United States
It keeps my face clear and glow

I've had oily and large pore skin. I wanted something that would keep my pores clean and I was so impressed by this! I'm so happy with my fresh and clean face! In combination with night cream, my skin glows for the whole night!