• Ultra Protection Cream | Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement | Skin Barrier Protection
  • Ultra Protection Cream | Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement | Skin Barrier Protection

Ultra Protection Cream | Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement | Skin Barrier Protection

  • $98.00

Strong moisturizing, brightening, and wrinkling
triple solution anti-aging cream

  1. Moisturized, moisturized inside and outside the skin - contains 5 complex hyaluronic acids of different sizes to help increase and maintain water retention.
  2. Skin Barrier Protection - Protects skin walls that have been disturbed by drying to make your skin healthier.
  3. elasticity & crease improvement - it helps fine wrinkles, deep wrinkles, and makes it more elastic.
  4. Smooth and transparent skin texture - makes your skin transparent and bright.

Apply an appropriate amount to your face during the morning and evening cream use phase and pat dry so that it can be absorbed deep into your skin.

Key Ingredients: Chamomilla Recutita(Matricaria) Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract, Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Butylene Glycol, Water, Alcohol

Purified water, diprofileneglycolate, glyceride, hydrochloride, hydrophilic / caprylmuloglyceride, nitric acid, solvitanolibate, butyleneglacinate, rice, cyclostyles, glyceride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride, hydrochloride.Chrosophalomycetes poly glyceryl-4olites, sodium hyaluronate, disodium heteroides, ceramideenpy, green tea extracts, Spanish licorice, sorbitan isostasy, polysorbate, sodium hyalumaluroneate, vendriacrylica.

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caroline p.
United States United States
Super Rich

This cream is very rich so a little goes a long way. Isn’t oily though which is good. Has a nice hint of fragrance too. My skin has never been so nice this is already my 3rd bottle.

Inna U.
United States United States
Fresh, moisturizing, soft, tightening, glowing....

Fresh, moisturizing, soft, tightening, glowing.... This cream gives me all of them! My colleagues tell me I look healthier and my skin tone looks lighter... Great one!

United States United States
Must-have cream

My skin always suffered from acne and dark spots. I've always wanted something to address these issues. And I incorporated this Ultra Protection Cream into my skincare routine. My skin has completely turned around! Less acne and yet I'm not having any issues like dryness or peeling skin at the same time. If I could only bring one skincare product for travel, I would have this with me!

United States United States
My skin feels great and glows.

It has a baby powderscent and it applies nicely and obsors very well! Just feels like a velvet. Love using this! it's clean and effective! My skin feels great and glows.

South Korea South Korea

I usually didn't favor creams in general because of the sticky texture. BUT I was forced to buy this by the luxury packaging and the best deal chance and turned out to be sooooo amazing! It's far from oily and really helped my skin stays moisturized!

Ultra Protection Cream | Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement | Skin Barrier Protection

Complex solution for wrinkle improvement and hydration!

-Strengthen moisturizing power

-Improve wrinkles


Containing Complex Hyaluronic Acid

Double hydration of ceramide NP, the high moisture element, and hyaluronic, natural moisturizing factor, balances oil and water by penetrating into the skin for skin health. The cream contains BSASM, the skin-soothing component, to soothe the skin.

-Ingredients with various sizes and characteristics

-Made of five hyaluronic acid

-Complex solution for whitening, wrinkle improvement, and hydration

Real Effect:

-Velvety Texture. Velvety texture envelops the skin to fill up moisture with the sense of matte finish. Crema creating matt and silky skin. Powdery and soft scent mildly spreads and makes your skin feel comfortable and moist for a long time.

-Soft and Glossy skin. You will have a tight and elastic feeling after applying. Feeling that fills from deep inside with the accumulating moisture.

-Skin Barrier Protection Effect. BSASM (Bio Spectrum Atopy Soothing Max) protects the skin barrier and alleviates itching and irritation.

-Moisture Retention From Inside. Hyaluronic acid with 5 types of ceramide. Prevents everlasting moisture and vitality to your skin. Dense moisture with low molecular hyaluronic acid.

Who is it for:

1- For all skin types. For “all skins” including oily skin, acne skin, atopic skin, inflammatory skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

2- Natural moisturizing factor. “Double hydration” with hyaluronic acid and ceramide NP.

3- For all skin types. “Moisture, whitening, wrinkle, and hydration.”