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Dear Beauty,

I’m your assistant and would like to guide you through the world of K-beauty, especially amazing products of Lavien, one of the most popular and luxury cosmetic brands from Korea. 

Now, everyone must be worried about the novel coronavirus and spend most of the time at home, pretty depressing. Today, I am going to help you stay lively and beautiful. I would like to suggest you make the best use of your time at home - Home Training & Therapy! It’s not good to go out to work out or visit skincare clinics. So, why don’t you start home training and home skin therapy?

You know it’s good to use a sheet mask every day, right? Choose a sheet mask based on your concern. I know, it’s not easy to invest even 15 minutes a day only for myself. But believe me, you get what you give. So, why not having some me-time?

As we stay inside for a longer time and work out less, you could feel that your face looks duller and darkened. To lift your skin and your mood, I recommend you pick “Lavien Firming Lift Cream Mask”. 

Let’s start with the wrapping sheet mask that comes with Lavien Firming Lift Cream Mask. It lifts your face line firmly so that you would never experience any of the nutrient-rich essences slide out of the sheet. One more thing that amazes me is that your hair would never be stuck onto the sheet mask, as they used the coated material for the outer texture. They do care even the smallest part for customers, indeed. And lastly, the sheet set consists of different parts for the face, eyelids, lips and neck. So, it can take care of every parts of our face and neck. 

Next is about the ingredients. What’s inside of this high-end mask sheet? 

  • Vitamin A, E, and C coming from the extract of pumpkins 
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen, hydrolyzed Elastin, Syn-Hycan, and Munapsys for the face lifting and firming
  • Silk Amino acid from the milk for the glow
  • Glutathione for the brightening 
  • Sweetone from Schisandra for the elevated brightening 
  • Beta Glucan, Aquaseal, Trehalose, low-molecular hyaluronic acid for the moisturization 

You need only a 10-to-20 minute session – don’t put the sheet mask on your face for more than 30 minutes. As it’s nutrient-rich, you don’t want to put anything onto your face. 

I know, it’s too much to use Lavien Firming Lift Cream Mask every day. As they put a lot of things into this luxury sheet mask for the customers to experience dramatic changes just as if having had some fancy skincare treatment at a clinic, the price cannot be low enough to be used every day. But do not worry. As it’s so intensively rich in nutrients, it’s good to use just once in a week, for example, every Friday? For the rest 6 days a week, it’s good to try affordable calming mask sheets. 

I’ll keep you updated on the latest products of Lavine as well as K-beauty tips. We welcome your feedback, so please leave anything you want to say, share or ask! Stay healthy and beautiful!

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