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Beautiful and radiant skin is more than just looking good. Flawless skin also means healthy skin. Aside from that, it also boosts your confidence to go out and conquer the world. It's no wonder that many women strive for a youthful and radiant appearance because good skincare and a healthy lifestyle can delay natural aging and prevent various problems.

It can be a constant struggle to keep your skin radiant and healthy, especially on your face, as this is the most sensitive area. Blackheads, large pores, facial oil breakouts, and pimples also have a way of making their way back to your face if not properly taken care of.

When a good night's rest and drinking plenty of water is no longer enough to get glowing and healthy skin, you need help from reliable products. At Lavien Cosmetics, all of our products are suitable for many skin types, so you do not have to worry about skin irritation or inappropriate products.

With the right skincare routine, you can easily achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin. Achieve your skin goals with Lavien Cosmetics. Just follow the steps below and you'll be on the right track to flawless skin!

Step 1 - Cleanser

Perfect Balance Daily Cleansing Foam

The first thing you need to do is start your skincare routine by cleansing your face. You can use Perfect Balance Daily Cleansing Foam, a mild foam cleanser, to remove dirt and impurities. With its thick and creamy formula, not only will you get clean, but you'll have fun doing it!

Step 2 - Toner

Centella Creaming Toner

Next, you need to apply the Centella Creaming Toner. This is an anti-aging toner that, in addition to its cleansing action, also smooths, nourishes, and firms the skin's surface.

Step 3 - Essence

Volumizing Radiance Essence

After cleansing the skin and wiping it with the toner, apply the Essence and spread it thinly. Volumizing Radiance Essence helps brighten the skin, improves wrinkles, and gives the skin elasticity and radiance.

Step 4 - Serum

Pure Vita Toning Ampoule

To keep your skin healthy, you need to provide it with vitamins. Pure Vita Toning Ampoule is a pure ampoule enriched with vitamin C that brightens and elasticizes sagging and dull skin. It also acts as brightening care, wrinkle care, skin texture care, skin tone care, skin whitening care, elasticity care, and pore tightening.

Step 5 - Moisturizer

Ultra Protection Cream

Of course, you can not forget about the moisturizer. Ultra Protection Cream is a complex solution for wrinkle improvement and hydration. It strengthens the moisturizing effect and has a skin-friendly formula. This ultimate cream has a velvety texture, gives a soft and shiny skin, acts as a skin barrier protection, and keeps moisture from the inside.

Step 6 - Eye Cream

Firming Lift Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is thinner than other areas of your face. Therefore, you should pay special attention to it. Firming Lift Eye Cream is designed in the form of a vibrating ceramic applicator to take care of the curvy areas around the eyes. The cooling effect of the ceramic applicator and the gentle vibrations of the applicator helps your skin absorb the cream. It also tightens your skin around the eyes with the aqua gel firming formula strategy.

Step 7 - Sunscreen (for the morning) 

Active Defense UV sunscreen

Before you leave the house in the morning, do not forget to apply sunscreen. It is important to protect your skin from too much sun exposure, which can lead to wrinkles or even skin cancer. Active Defense UV Sunscreen has an SPF50+/ PA ++++ and acts as both a brightener and wrinkle protector. It also covers skin imperfections without being greasy, but with a fine, silky powder!

Investing in the health of your skin early with regular skin care will not only give you a beautiful glow today, but will keep you looking youthful, beautiful, and healthy as you age.

Start your journey to a healthy, beautiful skin today!

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