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Dear Beauty,

Today, I am going to give you tips on how to express glamorous skin. Amongst all, I'll compare and analyze Labian's popular cushion duo, “Radiance Essence Cushion (Silver Cushion)” vs “Natural Perfect BB Cushion (Black Cushion)”.

What is the difference between the two cushions and what should I use?

First, let’s take a look at the silver cushion.

While other cushions are made by adding essence to the foundation, Lavien’s cushions are made by mixing the foundation with the essence formula. Adding patented ingredients and essence to the vitamin tree water instead of purified water, It gives you a triple glow, triple moisturizing, triple volume elasticity, soft and bright radiance, rich moisturization, meticulous adherence, and natural covering power for moisturizing.

You will be surprised by the natural skin expression and the moist and beautiful water glow, yet it feels so light and fresh. However, it is difficult to completely cover large pimples or spots.

Since it contains 64% of the essence, if you apply a small amount of pump and apply it thinly without pressing it firmly at once, it will stick to the skin just like it’s nickname, second skin.

So what about Black BB cushion now?

It has improved adhesion and coverage to the original silver cushion.

Despite the proportionality between the covering power and the thickness, the covering power is so good and yet it is so thin, has good adhesion.

And you’ll be surprised that your skin looks like a glass, any foundation trace can be found around the pore. For oily and troubled skin, calamine powder is added to catch oily oil.

As it is a BB cushion, there is only one color, but it gives a natural skin tone. BB usually makes your face look grayish white, but this will make your skin tone beautifully in. a pinkish tone. Use it when you want to look bright.

If you still don't know which of the two you need, what is the perfect combination we recommend?

Black BB cushion can be applied as a base, and a silver cushion is applied on top of that, making your skin look perfect. If you use it constantly, you can experience how healthier and glowing your skin looks.

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