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Your beauty regimen should not stop in your face. You can have a lot of cosmetics products to refine and beautify your physical appearance, but that cannot change what's on your inside. To help you be beautiful inside and out, Lavien Cosmetics prepared an inner beauty products to help you be comfortable and gorgeous from the inside!


The Inner Beauty Product That You Need

Dr. Michael Osae, GAEC once said, “Eat your food as your medicine. Otherwise, you will have to eat medicines as your food." As early as possible, we must practice eating healthy and reap the beauty! 

Perfect Black Bean Balance.

Start your day with a hearty meal that makes you feel comfortable. In the midst of a repetitive busy life, your precious meal must not be neglected. Perfect Black Bean Balance can be a meal substitute, dietary control, and nutrition balance. This is a perfect breakfast substitute as it is easy to make and convenient with a savory taste!

This hearty meal contains Vitamin B and Lecithin needed for metabolic activity in the body. It also has high protein with 150% higher dietary fiber content than chickpeas! Perfect Black Bean Balance small pouch contains three big major nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, and fat enough for a healthy and delicious meal.


Why should you have Perfect Black Bean Balance with you at all times?

If you're someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time and is not fond of eating breakfast during busy routines, this is perfect for you. Perfect Black Bean Balance is specially made for those people who are looking for a convenient breakfast substitute, for those who want to eat a nutritious meal, for those who are looking for a tasty and healthy drink, for those who want to have a simple meal with a diet, and of course, for those who skip meals often due to busy work.

If you find yourself in one of these categories, this is the time to take the correct action and have a pouch of Perfect Black Bean Balance with you at all times. Have a delectable meal that you can have at any time of the day without too much preparation. A savory meal that does not only make you full but also makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!

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