What’s your cup of tea?

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Drinking tea has a lot of health benefits that are great for our bodies. It contains antioxidants, has less caffeine than coffee, reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, and can even help in losing weight. A lot of people took for granted the goodness of drinking a cup of good tea. Hence, not a lot of people enjoy the health benefits it gives to our bodies.

The Origin of tea dates back to the 3rd century AD. Nowadays, due to the rise of many beverages, tea has been set aside. Nevertheless, its health benefits remain the same and original. Even if you have a busy schedule, drinking a beverage that is heartwarming and healthy should not be neglected.


What is a Perfect V-Balance?

Perfect V-Balance is a savory and healthy tea that is made of 100% Korean ingredients. Even with your busy schedule, drinking tea will be convenient with Perfect V-Balance as it brews well in both cold and hot water.

It is a light tea that you can drink comfortably and like water with synthetic fragrance-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free, and sugar-free. You might think that tea is only for old people, but that's where you're wrong. The health benefits of tea chose no age. Perfect V-Balance has a flavor and scent that people of all ages can enjoy without burden!



Who should have a Perfect V-Balance?

Anyone can have a cup of tea anytime and anywhere! But Perfect V-Balance works the best for people who:

~ Work standing up 
~ Have difficulty drinking plain water
~ Are having a hard time opening their eyes in the morning
~ Have swollen faces in the morning
~ Are looking for light tea to enjoy instead of coffee
~ Are looking for a tea to drink during the daytime for refreshments
~ Can't avoid irregular lifestyles


Why you should start drinking tea today?

Do you have an unhealthy lifestyle? Or are you unconsciously consuming foods that are not good for your body? Eating a lot of sweet and salty foods, junk foods, and unhealthy routines are the more reasons why you should start drinking tea today.

Most of us know that there is a tea that can help lose weight or cure a certain illness, but did you know that tea can also help improve your mood? It can also help balance the unhealthy foods that you had the whole day!


Here are more of the reasons why you should start drinking Perfect V-Balance today:

  • Drinking Tea can help you to be more energetic. While more people are running for a cup of coffee to have a more productive day, why not have a healthier one that can also give you the same effect? Tea is abundantly filled with nutrients that defend you against oxidative stress.


  • It helps you rehydrate. Are you having trouble drinking water? No worries! Perfect V- Balance acts as water that has a lot of health benefits with deep and rich flavor.


  • Drinking tea can make you warm or cool down. Are you feeling cold? Or feeling too hot with emotions? Have a cup of tea to warm you up in cold weather and cool you down whenever you're in extreme emotions.

Start living healthy while having savory tea today with Perfect V-Balance. Share it with a friend and start your conversation with "What's your cup of tea?"

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