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  • What’s your cup of tea?

      Drinking tea has a lot of health benefits that are great for our bodies. It contains antioxidants, has less caffeine than coffee, reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, and can even help in losing weight. A lot of people took for granted the goodness of drinking a cup of good tea. Hence... View Post

    Your beauty regimen should not stop in your face. You can have a lot of cosmetics products to refine and beautify your physical appearance, but that cannot change what's on your inside. To help you be beautiful inside and out, Lavien Cosmetics prepared an inner beauty products to help you be co... View Post
  • Dear Beauty, Today, I am going to give you tips on how to express glamorous skin. Amongst all, I'll compare and analyze Labian's popular cushion duo, “Radiance Essence Cushion (Silver Cushion)” vs “Natural Perfect BB Cushion (Black Cushion)”. What is the difference between the two cushions and w... View Post